Tamar Slay
The Journey

Tamar Slay is NOT just a name,
but a style of play!​

The Journey

Tamar Slay

After retiring from a successful 12-year career as a professional basketball player, Tamar Slay has turned his talents, knowledge and experience to bringing your game to the next level.

"Tamar is passionate about helping young players develop and grow through basketball. He will push players to get to their personal highest level. From his own personal experiences he knows it doesn't stop when you leave the court, so Tamar will help children learn life skills beyond basketball."

Marshall Athletics
Hall of Fame Inductee
College Career
Year Selected
First-team All-MAC
West Virginia
State Champion

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Although he has been highly successful throughout his career, Tamar knows what it’s like to start from the bottom and work hard to achieve even the most challenging goals. In 1998 he walked onto Marshall University’s campus homeless. Sixteen years later, hard work, and never willing to give up; he is now a Marshall University Hall of Famer, 2nd round draft pick in the NBA- playing as a small forward for the NJ Nets and Charlotte Bobcats and spent years playing overseas. 

Today, Tamar remains active in the NBA with the Players Association and boot camps, as well as the NBPA Leadership Training Program and NBPA Top 100 Coaching Program. As a regional rep, Tamar helped create the NBA Rookie Transitional Program (where he is able to serve as a mentor), conduct Team Awareness Meetings and serves on the NBA Draft Committee. Tamar Slay basketball offers basketball training, basketball camps, basketball clinics and basketball tournaments in West Virginia and Charlotte, NC.