Our Mission

Training Philosophy

We only strive for greatness!!

our philosophy

No Shortcuts To Success

Our mission is to teach young athletes the right way to play basketball by starting from the basic fundamentals and working up to more advanced training.

We truly believe that doing every drill the proper way, with a great deal of repetition, is the key to becoming a successful basketball player. All of our workouts are catered around game-like situations, while other trainers offer drills that young athletes will never utilize in a game. The way you practice is the way you will play – so we will not waste time doing drills that will not be useful.

our family

Meet Our Team


Tamar Slay

Event Planner of We Got Next

Celeste Slay

Tournament Director

Tim Burke

Coach Director

Bryan Slay

Coaching Staff

Bryan Watts

Coaching Staff

Kevin Harrington

Volunteer Coach

Thomas McDowell

Volunteer Coach

Jim Haarstick

Volunteer Coach
Speed and Agility Training Director

Leon Washington


Randy Howard

Senior Advisor
Accounting (We Got Next)

Phil Reimer