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Matthew Perry

” My son, Jordan, has had the privilege to train with some of the best basketball skill trainers in the country. As a parent, I wanted to make sure he had every opportunity to play at the next level. With this thought in mind, We sought out the services of Tamar Slay to help improve on the little things that are often overlooked & not emphasized. Tamar didn’t disappoint.

He challenged Jordan to be conscientious of his footwork, balance, explosiveness off the dribble, & shot preparation. These skills along with a honest approach have helped him improve his scoring & overall skill level. He is currently averaging 32 ppg & playing with a greater sense of confidence.

Tamar’s approach & innovative drills keep Jordan progressing & working to reach his maximum potential. I would strongly recommend or encourage any parent to not hesitate & contact Tamar Slay Basketball Services to help their child reach their full potential.” - Matthew Perry, Morgan County Head Highschool Basketball Coach

Greg White

” Tamar is incredibly unique in so many ways. His ability to play basketball is well documented with his HALL Of FAME INDUCTION at Marshall University and his lengthy pro career in the NBA and in Europe. But, what really stands out to me is his CHARACTER as a man and VALUES as a family man. He is a true role model for young people and has the ability to influence young players to work hard towards their goals and become truly committed to doing special things thru basketball to become a very successful human being. If you are looking for positive influence with your child look no further than Tamar. He is the total package as a teacher and coach. His experience and credentials give him credibility with all young players. He has been on the highest stage in high school, college and in the NBA. He is a professional in everything he does. Just a special, special person that is committed to sharing his knowledge with others “ - Greg White, Head Basketball Coach – Marshall University, 1996–2003

Greg White’s Biography

Motivational Speaker, 1979–Present
Head Basketball Coach, Assistant to the President – University of Charleston, 2003–2010
Head Basketball Coach – Marshall University, 1996–2003
Assistant Basketball Coach – UCLA, (11 National Championships), 1995–1996
Head Basketball Coach – University of Charleston, 1990–1995
Assistant Basketball Coach – Marshall University, 1989–1990
Head Basketball Coach – Pikeville College, 1984–1989
Graduate Assistant Coach – Marshall University, 1982–1983
Student Assistant Coach – Marshall University, 1981–1982
Consultant and Speaker, Converse, 1979–1989
Consultant and Speaker, Reebok, 1994–2002
Consultant, AND 1, 2003