TSB Second Annual Union County Preseason Basketball Program

All basketball athletes will experience a comprehensive pre-season preparation program. Our program re-creates a professional training camp that offers comprehensive training that will give them the best chance to enter into their season with the highest athletic potential possible.

In addition to sports specific improvements in ball handling, shooting, team building and overall basketball I.Q., the camp athletes physical capabilities will be tracked and evaluated. EST campers will participate in NBA style strength, speed and agility work.

With proper attendance, there will be an improvement in your child basket skill level, IQ, and conditioning level.


LOCATION – South Providence Elementary (500 S Providence Street, Waxhaw, NC)
DATE – Every Monday and Wednesday (starting August 28 thru October 4)
TIME – Middle School (5-7pm) | High School (7-9pm)
AGE – Middle school (age 12-14) | high school (age 15-18)
COST – $275 (Regular Price)


TSB staff is led by career professional basketball player Tamar Slay with the support of former college basketball.players Coach Slay will be assisted by ex-D1 collegiate athletes.Tamar has experience basketball at every level. He is a Marshall University hall of Famer, NBA draft pick, and has over 10 years of experience playing in the top leagues in Europe.