“We Got Next”
Tamar Slay Basketball Non-Profit

Connecting leaders with at-risk youth

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Building Leaders Through Basketball

“We Got Next” is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that utilizes basketball to help underprivileged youth become successful leaders.

As a former “at-risk” kid growing up, and someone who has enjoyed a great deal of personal and professional success thanks to the sport of basketball, I launched this organization to provide our community’s youth with an optimistic sense of belonging, opportunity, and achievement. “We Got Next” connects community leaders as role models with the at-risk youth, and provides after-school programs, tutoring, mentorship coaching, healthy meals, as well as a safe environment where the students will feel loved and appreciated.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give the participants a blueprint to be successful both on and off the basketball court, translating the life lessons of basketball such as teamwork, passion, purpose, and perseverance, into the real world. I have experienced the incredibly rough times that our youth encounter on a daily basis, and I know first-hand the challenges they face. I also know that it is possible to make it out of any situation regardless of the odds and obstacles. God gave me the opportunity to become greater than my circumstances. Given the right opportunities and guidance the kids in our program can achieve greatness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise money to help fund the tutors, coaches, healthy meals, as well as supplying those kids that excel in the program the opportunity to obtain scholarships to attend Tamar Slay Basketball Skills Academy as well as Camps.

The “We Got Next” mission is to create Leaders not Followers, Teachers not Users. The programs sponsored by this organization include:

  • Afterschool Programs – Help with homework completion as well a tutoring.
  • Life Skill Courses – In depth lessons on communication skills, proper etiquette, and manners.
  • Leadership – Hard work, teamwork, perseverance, accountability, discipline, confidence and how to overcome adversity.

Make A Donation To We Got Next

Every dollar allows the Next leader, teacher, or role model to become more prepared for their next life lesson. 

More Ways To Give

If you are making a donation by check please make the check payable to We Got Next, Inc. and mail to the following address:

We Got Next
PO Box 1103
Waxhaw, NC 28173

If you would like your donation to fund a specific program or project, please specify it in the “Notes” section. For example, $____ will fully sponsor a scholarship for one underprivileged student for enrollment in the We Got Next program. $____ will fully sponsor a scholarship for one underprivileged student to attend one week at the Tamar Slay Basketball Skills Academy. All students will apply for enrollment and must exhibit the potential to rise out of their current circumstances with the proper guidance and coaching.