TSB Winter League Teams

We help young players develop and grow through basketball. Pushing players to perform at their highest level. All TSB Teams play an up tempo style motion offense. Players will learn to correctly run the FLEX offense teaching them to move without the ball, properly set/use a screen.  We will introduce the SHELL drill during practice which properly teaches Man to Man defense.

All teams will receive 2 full team practices lead by NBA Pro Tamar Slay as well as our experienced coaches who have all been taught the TSB philosophy.

OUR GOAL–  To properly set the foundation for players to move forward in their basketball careers. In order to do so we believe it is imperative that TSB players are introduced to these principles from the very start. Our NUMBER 1 GOAL is create well rounded players with HIGH basketball IQ’s that play hard on both ends of the court.

Practice Days

GRADES 4th – 6th – Practice (Tuesday or Thursday); Training (Friday)
GRADES 7th – 9th – Practice (Saturday for 90 minutes)
LOCATION – AME Zion Church

More Details will be loaded to TeamSnap. If you are NEW to the TSB Family please be on the look out for an email invite to TeamSnap.