Our Basketball Camp’s Skill Levels in Waxhaw, near Charlotte, NC

Ready to make your mark at one of the best basketball camps in Waxhaw near Charlotte, NC, Indian Trail, NC and Indian Land, SC? We have three different skill levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level players. Check out our skill levels in detail below: 

Fundamentals Program

If you’re just starting out as a basketball player, then our fundamentals program is perfect for you. The program teaches you all the basics to succeed at higher skill levels: shooting, passing, and proper technique. This is where you fall in love with the game! 

Drillz for Skill

It’s time to take things up a notch! For more advanced athletes that have played in basketball leagues or with travel teams, our Drillz for Skill program helps players work on skills they’ve built from travel basketball. 

This program’s competitive drills put athletes toe-to-toe with each other in 1-on-1s that encourage growth in all skill areas.

The Slay Way

Time to put your game face on. The Slay Way is for athletes who’ve got all of their intermediate-level skills down and is the highest skill level we offer.  If you’re ready to truly take your basketball game up a notch, then this is the program for you. Beginners must participate in evaluations (every Saturday at 10 am) to be placed into The Slay Way:

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