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Unleash Your Potential with JR. TSB "Train and Play" League in Waxhaw Near Charlotte, NC

Exciting news is on the horizon, and we can’t wait to share it with our incredible community! Get ready for the upcoming JR. TSB “Train and Play” League – a  groundbreaking initiative designed to build strong foundations, instill teamwork and hard work, and elevate basketball IQ.

Join us for an experience that goes beyond the court!

JR. TSB "Train and Play" Youth Basketball League in Waxhaw near Charlotte, NC

What Makes JR. TSB "Train and Play" League Special

Professional Coaching

We believe in providing the best for our young athletes. That’s why all our participants will receive guidance from former professional basketball players. Our coaches bring years of experience and expertise, ensuring every player gets top-notch coaching and mentorship.

Holistic Development

The JR. TSB League is more than just basketball. Our goal is to develop well-rounded individuals by imparting kids with skills that are not only applicable on the basketball court but also in school, at home, and in various sports. Through our program, we focus on character building, leadership skills, and personal growth, in addition to developing basketball skills.

All-American Package

For $600, aspiring young athletes from Kindergarten to 3rd grade can purchase the All-American Package to take their game to the next level. This package includes:

  • Two “Fundamental or Drillz for Skillz” Training Sessions per week: These sessions are designed to hone the fundamental skills required to excel in basketball. Our expert coaches will work closely with the players to improve their dribbling, shooting, passing, and defensive skills.
  • Three league games per month: Compete in a fun and competitive environment with three monthly league games. It’s a great opportunity to test your newly acquired skills and work on your teamwork.
  • Play on an 8ft basket: Young athletes will have the chance to play on an 8ft basket, which is suitable for their age and skill level. This ensures a positive and enjoyable experience on the court.
  • Referees and Uniforms: We provide referees to officiate the games, maintaining a fair and professional atmosphere. Players will also receive official uniforms to represent their teams with pride.

Join the Revolution in Youth Basketball!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be a part of a league that is set to transform the way young athletes learn, play, and grow in the game of basketball. Secure your spot today, set your child on the path to basketball success, and be ready to embark on a journey that’s more than just a game but also a stepping stone to greatness!

Register Now and Elevate Your Game!


Duration: February 16 – April 16

Registration Deadline: January 12, 2024


On the next page, use the “Any Class” dropdown to select your athlete’s grade for proper registration for their camp, clinic, or class date and time.

Please note: To Be Placed for Tryouts on This Team, Your Child Must Participate in Our Saturday Evaluations. You Can Sign Up for Saturday Evaluations Here:

Basketball training in Waxhaw near Charlotte, NC


Our camps gives your kid the chance to develop their skills throughout a multi-day session.
Basketball camp in Waxhaw near Charlotte, NC


Our clinics gives athletes the whole day to work on various parts of their game.
Basketball coach in Waxhaw near Charlotte, NC

Youth Memberships

Our Youth Memberships focus on developing each skill through multi-session training.
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